About me



Born on the fourth of July, I'm a self-taught historian, illustrator and a licensed wildlife rehabilitator with a deep passion for early American history. I have been collecting 18th century antiques and studying the American colonial period for over 30 years with a focus on the French & Indian and the Revolutionary wars. 

  I dedicate my life to preserve, protect and care for early colonial history and wildlife.

After years of collecting I've decided to sell some of my own pieces and offer other found items that are as wonderful as those in my own collection.  I strive to offer authentic, one of a kind historic artifacts from my favorite period in time.  The way I see it, I'm not a collector but a curator of historical objects for a period of time preserving and keeping history alive.  

I am a member of the Company of Military Historians and the Connecticut Historical society.  My home, a 1740s saltbox tavern, was featured in  Early American Life magazine in 2009 as an example of vernacular architecture. 

I have been blessed to have had many mentors as a young collector and would like to dedicate this site to Charlie  Hill.  Charlie was my mentor and dear friend whom I loved, admired and miss.  His deep passion, knowledge and collection of early military history artifacts was captivating.  I will be forever in his debt. 

My rehab work is devoted to my horse Topper, my rabbits Ruggles and Zeb, and all my wildlife pals gone too soon.   

"Rescuing one animal may not change the world...but for that animal their world is changed forever


 Specializing in authentic 18th century decorative arts and accessories of the American Colonial Period with an emphasis on historical items from the Revolutionary War, French & Indian Wars and early American imprints.